From My Window To Yours

I’m not gonna be posting for a while. Sorry.

You dig the roots up and find bones

Thinking its time I take my poetry from the last two years, organize it into chapters such as happiness, lonliness, fear, love, peace etc and just put out a god damn book

Sleepless Tuesday

Yesterday was the longest day of my life.

At 6am rode a train from Chattanooga to Knoxville. At 4pm got on a train from Knoxville to Asheville but got pulled off by the cops after twenty minutes and came extremely close to going to jail. Me and my friend had to walk 10 miles to the interstate. No one will pick up hitchhikers in the Tennessee Appalachian region.

Once we got to the interstate though we got picked up almost immediately and driven all the way to Asheville (120
miles). Once in Asheville we passed out in a bush.

Yesterday was fuckin’ rough.

innercondition asked: Hey man. How's it going? We spoke some time ago. I was wondering if you're still interested in being a columnist for The I.C? Did you ever get my email?

Hey yeah I got your email but honestly now is not the right time. It sounds like a great opportunity but at the moment I’m traveling and really depressed—i havent been writing lately and I dont think I can take on the responsibility. Can I inquire about this in the future though?

Still waiting

Still waiting



Some chapters are easier to finish than the others

this rapture must be fulfilled
a second guessing, second coming
around but the first time
was a waste
of time

what good does it do?
a heart, broken
we have the technology
to heal

but we dont have the patience

what a day

the sun is always
layered, cant help it
heat, bullets, blood,
sweat and the death of my dreams

a 10,000 year
one hundred million
psi upon the lids
as they pry open

hello, sunshine
hello the fire engulfed
that shall be today

The train came at around 11pm. The train at first appeared to be nothing but autoracks (aka completely unridable), but the last few cars were deep porches, providing about 10”x4.5” space of space to ride. Four of us fit, a little tight, but we did it.

Whiskey and a joint, hauling ass at 60mph over a lake at one point.

We expected the train to terminate in Irondale, Alabama, but instead terminated in a brand new yard in butt fuck nowhere Alabama 50 miles from Irondale.

We made it to Irondale by hitching, and pretty quickly. But no more trains tonight. Tomorrow, Chattanooga (knock on wood).

After that, who knows.

earth as one syllable

there was a cave
in which I was deranged

there was a boulder
in the river
a dam, god damn

I can’t breathe
or drink
or think
in this sink

lower and lower and
I cannot get over
this mountain


one syllable


why God
oh why